Last month, Melony at The Dogtails and The Bucket List Challenge did a 31 Day Dog Blog Challenge, where she challenged herself to a blog post each day. I loved the idea, and asked her if I could use her challenge as a basis for posts here on Travels with Choppy. Melony graciously allowed me to do so, which means that starting on Saturday, you’ll get a daily post here (all of which involve learning something about Choppy). I’ve modified the challenge a bit from what Melony did, to suit Choppy’s personality a bit more (and may modify it more as the month goes on, particularly if people ask questions I can answer here. Note to readers: ask questions).

Each of the day’s topics is listed below, and as I do them, I’ll link those on this page (as well as noting each post with a tag and category, as well as reminder posts on Facebook and Twitter). And don’t worry, I’ll still keep up the regular posts as well! And, you should definitely check out Melony’s challenge, which is great and involves her pups, Phoebe & Cooper. Thanks for the inspiration!

Day1: An Introduction to Choppy

Day 2: Choppy’s Best Friend

Day 3: Choppy’s Worst Enemy

Day 4: Choppy’s Favorite Toy

Day 5: What Kind of Dog is Choppy?

Day 6: How Choppy Got Her Name

Day 7: An Old Photo of Choppy

Day 8: Choppy’s Most Embarrassing Moment

Day 9: Choppy’s Favorite Vacation Destination

Day 10: Choppy’s Favorite Trick

Day 11: Choppy Tries a New Food

Day 12: 3 Things Choppy Loves

Day 13: 3 Things Choppy Hates

Day 14: Choppy’s Hometown

Day 15: Choppy’s Favorite Dog Blogs

Day 16: Choppy’s Favorite Activity

Day 17: A Day in the Life of Choppy

Day 18: Choppy’s Paw Print

Day 19: 3 Pieces of Advice for (Reluctant) Dog Owners

Day 20: Something Choppy Is Afraid Of

Day 21: Choppy’s Biggest Behavioral Challenge

Day 22: Choppy’s Favorite Treat

Day 23: Choppy’s Health

Day 24: 5 Favorite Choppy Posts

Day 25: True Choppy Confessions

Day 26: Choppy in the Car

Day 27: Choppy Gives Thanks

Day 28: Where Choppy Has Traveled

Day 29: The Title of the Book About Choppy’s Life

Day 30: Dog Blog Challenge Roundup

Choppy is already exhausted by the thought of this challenge.
Choppy is already exhausted by the thought of this challenge.

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