When I started this Dog Blog Challenge a month ago, it seemed a bit daunting: a blog post a day on a pre-determined topic, plus my normal blog posts (to say nothing of my everyday life, new job, whatever).

In the end?

Not only was it not as daunting as I thought it would be, but I think it has helped my blogging – I know I can post even more than I was, with just a little planning on my part. More importantly, I have learned a lot about what works for me in terms of blogging – and, probably most importantly, what doesn’t work for me.

Choppy - unconcerned with my thoughts on the Dog Blog Challenge.
Choppy – unconcerned with my thoughts on the Dog Blog Challenge.

Would I do it again? Definitely. I enjoyed it so much that I am starting another challenge this month – more info on that either later today or tomorrow (though as it only involves 12 days over the course of 3+ weeks, it seems almost easy in comparison!). Some of the posts were more difficult than I expected, and others were easier than I anticipated. I didn’t always get the posts up on time (see, e.g., the current post you are reading), but everything did get posted within a couple days of when it was supposed to be posted. I’ll count that as a win.

If you want to do a similar thing, I highly recommend it. I got the idea at The Dogtails, and I highly recommend you take a look over there – lots of great posts!

Below are links to all of the challenges, in case you missed anything!

Day1: An Introduction to Choppy

Day 2: Choppy’s Best Friend

Day 3: Choppy’s Worst Enemy

Day 4: Choppy’s Favorite Toy

Day 5: What Kind of Dog is Choppy?

Day 6: How Choppy Got Her Name

Day 7: An Old Photo of Choppy

Day 8: Choppy’s Most Embarrassing Moment

Day 9: Choppy’s Favorite Vacation Destination

Day 10: Choppy’s Favorite Trick

Day 11: Choppy Tries a New Food

Day 12: 3 Things Choppy Loves

Day 13: 3 Things Choppy Hates

Day 14: Choppy’s Hometown

Day 15: Choppy’s Favorite Dog Blogs

Day 16: Choppy’s Favorite Activity

Day 17: A Day in the Life of Choppy

Day 18: Choppy’s Paw Print

Day 19: 3 Pieces of Advice for (Reluctant) Dog Owners

Day 20: Something Choppy Is Afraid Of

Day 21: Choppy’s Biggest Behavioral Challenge

Day 22: Choppy’s Favorite Treat

Day 23: Choppy’s Health

Day 24: 5 Favorite Choppy Posts

Day 25: True Choppy Confessions

Day 26: Choppy in the Car

Day 27: Choppy Gives Thanks

Day 28: Where Choppy Has Traveled

Day 29: The Title of the Book About Choppy’s Life

Day 30: Dog Blog Challenge Roundup

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