If you’ve been following this blog for a few months, you’ve seen that I sometimes like to take on a blogging challenge. For a certain number of days each month, I’ll post based on a topic or some other challenge. I really enjoy these challenges, as it (a) is fun, and (b) gives me something to post about everyday. It turns out that coming up with ideas? Not so easy.

Yesterday, while perusing some websites, I came across Joanne’s blog, My Life Lived Full. The post I saw was on the April A to Z Challenge, where you post everyday in April (except Sundays), using each letter of the alphabet in succession. You can choose a topic or post randomly, and it has the added bonus of showing off all sorts of blogs you might not otherwise find.

I was all over this.

So, come April 1, I’ll be posting down the alphabet. I’ve decided to do a theme – Choppy in clothing. I’ll post an outfit based on the letter of the day. Some will be new outfits, some will be classic outfits, but all will have one thing in common: the humiliation of Choppy.

Yup, there will be humiliation.
Yup, there will be humiliation.

While I tend to run this blog as a one-woman-dictatorship (again, the outfits Choppy has to wear should be an indication of that – she didn’t choose to wear them), I’m hereby opening this challenge up to suggestions. If you have an outfit of Choppy’s that you like, or one you think she would look good in, leave a comment and I will try to accommodate as many as possible (key word being “try” – no guarantees. You get what you pay for around here).

And if you want to participate in this, here’s a link to the sign-up form!

(Edit: If you don’t have a Choppy outfit in mind, there are a whole lot of them to look at on her Facebook page).

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