In case you missed anything in the world of Choppy this week, it’s all rounded up here!

First, a quick link to the Moscow Times – where Choppy appeared in a Halloween article this week!

Travels with Choppy Website

Choppy by Number: 10 – Choppy’s shelter number, in more ways than one

Hungry Hungry Choppy – Warning: Don’t Leave the Dog Alone with a Cheese Plate

The 30 Day Dog Blog Challenge: Intro – Next month, you’ll get a daily entry all about Choppy – here’s the info on that!

Throwback Thursday: Halloween – October 2012 – Halloween: yet another chance to dress Choppy in clothing

The Week in Review – October 31 – Pictures of Choppy from this week that don’t fit anywhere else

Choppy’s Facebook Page

Choppy’s Facebook page is here. You can also find the pictures on Choppy’s Instagram page.

Halloween Picture No. 1: Choppy the Russian

Halloween Picture No. 2: Revisiting Choppy’s infamous pantyhose picture

Choppy Dog in Pantyhose Revisited

Halloween Picture No. 3: Choppy classes up the joint

Halloween Picture No. 4: Grab your headbands, it’s 1980’s Choppy

Halloween Picture No. 5: Choppy is keeping us all safe

Travels with Choppy Twitter Feed

The Travels with Choppy Twitter Feed is here.

A morning car ride

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