Paul and I have started having casual meals of charcuterie and cheese boards on Saturday nights when we are at home (though this is a rare thing during the fall, as we are usually at college football games). We eat them in front of the television instead of at the dining room table, which makes them fun little treats of evenings watching college football on television (because when we aren’t at college football on a Saturday, we still want to watch college football on a Saturday).

Charcuterie and yummy.
Charcuterie and cheese…so yummy.

When we eat in front of the television, though, we put the food on the coffee table, which means it is at a perfect height for a certain dog to access.

This will not end well.
This will not end well.

That said, Choppy is surprisingly good. If, by “surprisingly good” you mean she attempts to sniff everything.

A few weeks ago, we were having a small charcuterie and cheese board. Paul was in the kitchen briefly, and I went to the bathroom, which is not more than ten feet from the coffee table.

Which means that, for a few seconds, Choppy was all alone with a charcuterie and cheese board. And it was just too much temptation.

Now, had Choppy chosen to go for some summer sausage or a piece of cheese, she probably would have gotten away with it. She could have quickly eaten it before either of us returned, none the wiser.

But that’s not what Choppy chose to do.

Nope, Choppy decided that the thing she wanted to go for in the few seconds she had alone was the closest thing: a cracker.

Which meant that, from less than 10 feet away in the bathroom, I could clearly hear her eating it – as could Paul from the next room over. She was caught, red-handed (or red-snouted, as is probably more appropriate).

So, maybe not so “surprisingly good” at the whole keeping away from food on the coffee table thing.

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