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A dog and cat in clothing. Puns. Travel. Bacon. Not necessarily in that order.

Contact Us

If you want to contact us, email us at

The Facebook page for the blog is here. You’ll get some random updates that aren’t here—the sort of short updates that aren’t appropriate for a full blog post, but I want to make note of.

Choppy’s Facebook page is here. She’s still complaining about me.

The Twitter page for the blog is here. Like Facebook, you’ll get some random updates that aren’t here. I personally prefer using Facebook, so there will likely be more updates on Facebook.

Media information is coming soon.

10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi!
    I see you and choppy just visited the Fargo area, where I live.
    My Roux looks just like Choppy! He is a hurricane katrina rescue and we have no idea what he is… Do you know what Choppy is?


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    1. Hi MeLissa! We were actually up in Fargo two years ago – I may not be the best at updating some things.

      I love the name for Roux – a good one for a Katrina rescue! I don’t know what Choppy is. I sometimes think I should do one of those DNA tests, but I never want to pony up the money for it!


  2. I recently received a ‘Liebster Award’ from the extremely kind Laura – aka Riddle from the Middle. As you may or may not know, in accepting the award, I must fulfil my part and nominate 11 other wonderful bloggers whose work I enjoy reading or have just discovered and I have nominated you, so please check out the link below if you are interested in accepting this prestigious prize.

    Best wishes from Stare of the Dog.

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