It’s a beautiful spring day here, so today’s A to Z Challenge seems appropriate!

L is for Leis and Luaus!
Outtake Time: You’d think I would have realized that a grass skirt would be impossible for a cat to ignore. You would have been wrong.
This one was definitely the hardest to get so far. Though Choppy was obviously a rock star.

Previous Entries in the 2016 A to Z Challenge

A is for Alien
B is for Boat (and Shark)
C is for Chicken
D is for Darth Vader (and the Emperor)
E is for Egg (and Bacon)
F is for French Maids
G is for Grey Goose
H is for Hot Dog
I is for Indiana Jones
J is for Jigsaw Puzzle
K is for Ketchup (and Mustard)