[First, apologies for (a) the lack of post for a couple days, and (b) my failure to respond to all your comments and visit your blogs. It turns out? Getting yourself out of a house you’ve lived in for many years is a lot more involved process than I thought it was. Definitely not like cleaning yourself out of an apartment. I’ll be home later today and I’m hoping to be caught up in the next couple days – and starting another challenge to go with this one – so things should be back to normal soon around here! On the plus side, I have lots of awesome things to look at on all your blogs in the meantime!]

As you may have seen last week, this April I am participating in the April A to Z Challenge. Every day in April (except Sundays), I will be posting a picture of Choppy in costume that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet (sort of the like Choppy by Letter feature, except with costumes).

I’ll be periodically updating this page so there is one central location you can go if you’d like to visit any (or all) of the costume pages this month. And later today, there will be a post for the letter A to get us started!

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