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Travels with Choppy Website

Sunday Stuff: December 28 – A few links to blog posts I enjoyed over the last few weeks.

F is for Fort Kent – This week in Choppy by Letter, it’s a chance to revisit our trip to Fort Kent – the end of U.S. 1 that isn’t in a subtropical location.

Christmas for Choppy – Choppy had an excellent Christmas…

Christmas for Sarah – …even when it was Sarah’s Christmas.

Choppy’s New Year Resolutions – Choppy has resolutions for 2015. At this point, I’m pretty sure they have all been  broken (and you thought you were doing  a bad job at keeping your resolutions).

Throwback Thursday: 2014 Revisited (Already) – It may hardly be 2015, but that doesn’t mean we can’t already look back to 2014, does it?

Week in Review: January 2 – Choppy’s week in pictures! With cat this week!

Choppy’s Facebook Page

All the posts this week on Choppy’s Facebook page came over the course of one night – New Year’s Eve!

Eastern Time Zone Choppy

Choppy - Eastern Time

Central Time Zone Choppy

Choppy - Central Time

Mountain Time Zone Choppy

Choppy - Mountain Time

Pacific Time Zone Choppy

Choppy - Pacific Time

Keep an eye out this week – I’m going to mix things up on Choppy’s Facebook page to start this year (which requires me to get myself motivated with regard to putting together some outfits). Hopefully it will be awesome (and if not, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth).

Travels with Choppy Twitter Feed

The Travels with Choppy Twitter Feed is here. Links to the blog and other random things!

This week, there were some cat posts.


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