2014 was definitely an eventful year Chez Choppy! I got engaged and married, I started a new job and we have moved (or at least begun the process of moving). For Choppy, this has meant the arrival of Paul in her life, a return to a life where we aren’t always together and on the road, and a new home. It’s been exciting and crazy and wonderful.

But now, the whirlwind of 2014 is about to give way to 2015. Other than seeming like a fake year (seriously, since about 1997, I feel like I am living in the future, except without the flying cars and hoverboards Michael J. Fox led me to believe would be commonplace by now). With the new year upon us, I think it’s time to address a few resolutions for Choppy in the upcoming 12 months (with corresponding dates on which we fail to live up to them!).

  1. Travel More: Thanks to the craziness of 2014, Choppy didn’t get to go to as many places as she normally does. So, this year, I’m aiming to get to 2-3 new places every month. That’s 24-36 new places over the course of the year.
    • Date on which this resolution is broken: February 28 (I figure we’ll have exhausted the Milwaukee-area dog parks by then. Or have been told not to return. Whatever).
  2. Be Nicer to Paul: Paul is awesome to Choppy – he buys her treats and gifts, he walks her, and he plays with her every night. In return, he gets to live with a shedding machine who only tolerates him, at best (unless, of course, he is near her treats or leash). I’m pretty sure the whining/pining after me when I leave the house in the morning doesn’t help matters. Choppy could definitely improve her attitude toward Paul.
    • Date on which this resolution is broken: January 1 (mostly because Choppy has no way of knowing that I want her to be nicer to Paul, and I am pretty sure she’ll do something unpleasant to him as a gift for the New Year)
  3. Lose Weight: Did you know a Milk Bone has 40 calories? Who decided to measure this? I am suspicious that someone measured it because they wanted to consume a Milk Bone. I don’t want to think about people eating dog treats. Or the fact that Choppy consumes approximately 1000 calories a day in Milk Bones.
    • Date on which this resolution is broken: January 3 (this is about when I will forget the calories I just mentioned and start feeding Choppy her normal and absurd number of daily treats).
  4. Exercise More: It’s currently 11° in Milwaukee. It feels like it’s -6° (that’s -12° and -21° for you Celsius people).
    • Date on which this resolution is broken: January 1 (seriously people, so cold! Even Choppy wanted to run home this morning once she had done her business. I will revisit this resolution come summer, when it doesn’t hurt to breathe when I go outside).
A selection of items Choppy may need to help get her through the new year.
A selection of items Choppy may need to help get her through the new year.

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