I haven’t done one in a while, but I will try to make up for it with a good one – a Sunday Stuff post!

Beary-ly Missed Him!

Choppy and I have had a few bear encounters (read: we see a bear by the side of the road in some beautiful location. Sarah attempts to find phone, which is always in an inconvenient location. Choppy barks at it. Bear runs away as Sarah finds phone. Sarah attempts to take pictures as bear is running away. Bear looks more like large black blur than anything resembling an animal in the many pictures Sarah takes). Thankfully, we haven’t run into any while out hiking (in related news, someone who crashes through the woods with her loud dog is unlikely to run into any wildlife), but here are a couple signs from a time Mandie at Girly Camping came by a place where a bear had just visited.

How to Be a Gracious Host When Houseguests Come to Stay

From Albert’s New York, a post on being a gracious houseguest from a dog’s perspective. Choppy would agree with many of these sentiments, such as:

Having given her a warm reception, offer to take her things (you may want to keep some of them for yourself once you’ve sorted through her bag). The houseguest will probably appreciate a drink after her journey, so don’t forget to show her the water bowl, which of course your people will have filled with the finest municipal tap water.

Note to future houseguests: Choppy is not the best hostess.

24 Amazing Literature Facts for Christmas

Yeah, so this post would have been far more appropriate before Christmas. But still, amaze your family and friends with interesting Christmas facts! (Well, facts that are somewhat interesting. Or at least have more redeeming quality to them than yet another statement about Kim Kardashian’s latest hijinks.


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