In case you missed anything in the world of Choppy this week, it’s all rounded up here (and there’s a lot this week!)

Travels with Choppy Website

Dog Blog Challenge – Day 1: An Introduction in 3 Odd Facts – Yes, Choppy has a tattoo (it’s not as cool as the teenagers think)

Dog Blog Challenge – Day 2: Choppy’s Best Friend – With lots of pics of dogs dressed up!

Dog Blog Challenge – Day 3: Choppy’s Worst Enemy– UPS drivers, beware!

Dog Blog Challenge – Day 4: Choppy’s Favorite Toy – Choppy “enjoys” two of her toys in a less-than-ladylike manner

Dog Blog Challenge – Day 5: What Kind of Dog Is Choppy? – Does happy mutt count as a kind of dog?

Throwback Thursday: Choppy Shows Off Old Bad Habits – Spring 2009 – Shoes needed to beware of Choppy back in the day

The actions depicted in this picture are far more adorable now, with the passage of years, than they were at the time.

Dog Blog Challenge – Day 6: How Choppy Got Her Name – The story of Choppy’s absurd full name

Dog Blog Challenge – Day 7: An Old Photo of Choppy – The first photo I ever saw of Choppy

The Week in Review – November 7, 2014 – Pictures of Choppy from the week (plus some of Paul and cats)

Choppy’s Facebook Page

Choppy’s Facebook page is here.

Choppy goes construction worker

A little Throwback Thursday to Choppy’s puppy graduation

Travels with Choppy Twitter Feed

The Travels with Choppy Twitter Feed is here. Links to the blog and other random things!

Not quite Choppy, but her cousin Smoky Moo the cat doing some jumping (with music!)

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