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On the Road

On the Road: The Dancers

From our trip to Colorado: The Dancers, by Jonathan Borofsky. Located outside the Denver Performing Arts Complex.



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26 thoughts on “On the Road: The Dancers

      1. Ah yes, I do remember that brouhaha around town. Me, I thought ‘dang…how cool’ are these guys?! 😊 Course peeps got their knickers in a bunch with the 18 ft. tall ballet dancers in front of the Sheraton too. People are way too serious about public art.


  1. We have a similar figure here in Munich, standing at the Leopoldstraße, one of Munich’s main streets. It is called “The Running Man”, and if I’m not mistaken it has been made by the same artist. I will gonna take a look at it in the next days. 😉

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