On Saturday, Paul joined Choppy and me for a walk up to the Potter’s Field we posted about last week, as he wanted to check it out for himself. I expected to have a rather normal walk, but it turned out, there had been some changes in the week that had passed since our last visit – so I figured I would get a quick blog post about it.

As you can see from the following picture, they are completely re-doing the small garden which marks the entrance to the Potter’s Field. I don’t know what they are planning to do, but you can rest assured we will be back to see the completed project!


We also checked out more of the actual headstones. Some that had once stood beneath a tree were now under the remnants of that tree.


Most of the head stones are just numbered, but some (like those in the previous picture and the following picture) have more information about the person who now rests a few feet below.


We’ll keep you updated on any further developments as we see them!