I never collected the Elf on the Shelf posts from 2015. I realize that a lot of you weren’t around for that round of them, so as a post-Christmas treat (or to remind you that things could be worse around your house), here are links to all of our 2015 Elf on the Shelf posts. Tomorrow, I’ll have links to all the 2016 posts, in case you missed any this year!

[Note: Apparently I was not great about posting these, as several days are completely missing – as in, I never did a blog post for the day. So your eyes aren’t deceiving you if you see a missing day in here.]

Day 1: Hot Tub

In which the Elf takes a naughty home movie.

Day 2: Toilet Humor

In which the Elf prevents us from using a certain household necessity.

Day 3: Peppermint Patties

In which we learn what one form of Elf poop looks like.

Day 4: Texting and Driving

In which Choppy and the Elf conspire to blame things on the cat.

Day 5: Straight Out of the Tap

In which the Elf tries to drink us out of house and home.

Day 6: Keeping it Clean

In which our dentists thank our Elf for rotting out teeth and allowing them to pay for their childrens’ education.

Day 7: Tastes Like Chicken

In which the Elf shows Choppy where to find treats left out by Schooner.

Day 8: Snowman Torture

In which a snowman learns hot chocolate is not his friend.

Day 9: The Classy Drunk

In which the Elf hits the wine bottle.

Day 10: Coffee Cruelty

In which the Elf makes a coffee switch that will likely cause him great harm when someone wakes up.

Day 11: 4 of 5 Dentists Do Not Approve

In which Paul learns he can never use his toothbrush again.

Day 12: Body Shots!

In which the Elf goes on early spring break.

Day 13: Elf on the Shelf Retaliation

In which the Elf gets a bit of comeuppance.

Day 14: Take My Picture

In which the Elf “improves” our pictures.

Day 15: Catching a Thief

In which Paul discovers his wallet is lighter than expected.

Day 17: Not Microwave Safe

In which the Elf discovers what happens when you put marshmallows in the microwave.

Day 18: Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow

In which we learn not all the yellow snow around the house is courtesy of Choppy.

Day 21: Where Is the Cat?

In which we learn the Elf and Alf may have something in common.

Day 22: Gifts for the Elf

In which the Elf steals gifts from Paul.

Day 24: Christmas Eve

In which we learn a use for toilet paper that we never hope to see again.