In case you missed any of the Elf’s antics, I’ve collected links to all of them here. He’ll be back before we know it. We’re already worried.

And if you’re still in Elf withdrawal, you can check out the links to the 2015 Elf on the Shelf posts here.

Day 1: It Begins

In which the Elf returns after spending 11 months with Santa.

Day 2: The Army Arrives

In which the Elf is nearly done in on Day 2 of the month by the Army.

Day 3: Don’t Mess with the Elf

In which the Army learns it might be best to leave the Elf alone.

Day 4: Step Away from the Computer

In which we learn you should never, ever allow an Elf near a computer.

Day 5: Ketchup Problems

In which we learn you should always make sure your ketchup is at the proper level of spicy while at our house.

Day 6: Poop-Doh

In which we learn our Elf has a talent for pooping.

Day 7: Pay Per View Time

In which we learn that the Elf should NOT be allowed to watch television.

Day 8: Lighting Farts on Fire

In which we realize giving the Elf fire is a poor idea.

Day 9: Butt Copies

In which we learn it’s not just humans who enjoy a butt joke.

Day 10: Oreo Madness

In which the Elf eats Oreos in a most cruel way.

Day 11: Not the Gingerbread Man

In which the Elf actually treats Choppy nicely, at the expense of others.

Day 12: Light Her Up

In which the Elf returns to his torture of poor Choppy.

Day 13: Aces and Aces

In which we learn to never, ever play cards with the Elf.

Day 14: The Candy Man

In which the Elf suffocates a gingerbread man in a most sweet way.

Day 15: Not the Bourbon

In which the Elf takes it too far with the liquor.

Day 16: Children of the Corn

In which the Elf begins taking notes on tortures to visit upon us going forward.

Day 17: Ride ’em Elf

In which Choppy becomes an Elf reindeer/horse for the day.

Day 18: Cat’s Revenge

In which Schooner attempts to restore peace to the house using violence.

Day 19: Tied Up and Twisted

In which Choppy pays the price for Schooner’s antics on Day 18.

Day 20: The Worst Thing in the World to Step On

In which the Elf tries to kill us all, or at least hurt our feet.

Day 21: Elfzilla

In which our Christmas village gets an unwelcome visitor.

Day 22: Melting Snow(man)

In which we learn to keep the blow dryer away from the Elf.

Day 23: Draw Me Something

In which we learn you should never let the Elf draw anything.

Day 24: Good Riddance

In which the Elf makes us thankful we don’t have to see him again for 342 days.