For years, I have enjoyed seeing people’s….er…creative…poses for Elf on the Shelf during the Christmas season. Last night, Paul came home with my very own Elf. To say I was excited about this is most definitely an understatement.

[For those of you who don’t know, the Elf is a helper for Santa who hangs out at a person’s house and reports to Santa at the North Pole every night, so he can tell Santa who has been naughty or nice. In the morning, the elf is in a new and different place than he was the previous day (click here if you are still like, “Sarah, that makes no sense” and want a better explanation) Usually, these are just fun hiding places in a house. But when some people get creative, it gets to be more than just an elf hiding. The picture below should show where I fall on this scale.]

Now, without kids, the elf is going to have to keep watch over our four-legged animal friends Choppy and Still-Nameless-Little-Kitty. While I think Choppy will get gifts whether she is naughty or nice, there is no harm in putting the Elf out to keep an eye on her. And, more importantly, using the Elf to amuse myself.

What happens in the bathroom sink hot tub definitely does not stay in the bathroom sink hot tub. It gets put on the Internet.