I haven’t been good about these posts lately – I would suggest I would try to do better, but that might not happen. So I’m not even going to say it. Except that I sort of just did.

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Stray Dogs and Busy Lives – We found a stray dog – unfortunately, we couldn’t keep him, but we are still hoping he finds his home.

5 Reasons Choppy Dislikes St. Patrick’s Day – Choppy has had a lot of St. Patrick’s Day outfits over time. I love them all. Her? The jury is still out.

Choppy by Letter: N is for New Orleans – Choppy and I have a long relationship with the Crescent City.

Throwback Thursday: You Gotta Have Friends – A puppy and a stuffed animal? Cuteness overload.

Week in Review: March 20 – Choppy’s week in pictures.

Standing on the Wall

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Choppy does St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick's Day Chop


And again.

And again.

If you drink that much, there will be a hangover.


But bacon will make it better.


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