A day late on these, but I am sure you’ll all forgive me.

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Dog Blog Challenge – Day 22: Choppy’s Favorite Treat – Choppy eats a lot of foods. But when it comes to dog-specific treats, nothing is ever going to beat dog ice cream in her mind.

Dog Blog Challenge – Day 23: Choppy’s Health – Thankfully, Choppy is very healthy. Not that this makes her any less afraid of trips to the vet.

Dog Blog Challenge – Day 24: Five Favorite Choppy Posts – A look back at some of my favorite posts from Travels with Choppy over the years.

Choppy by Letter – B is for Boston – Choppy and I travel to Boston, where Choppy gets to be a city dog for a few days

Dog Blog Challenge – Day 25: True Choppy Confessions – On Facebook, Choppy might protest when I dress her up. In real life, things are slightly different.

Lazy Squirrel Chasing – A quick video of Choppy chasing squirrels.

Who Wants Squirrels? – And another video of Choppy chasing squirrels. Because I never get tired of these.

Throwback Thursday: Christmas 2012 – Choppy and Izzy, two Thanksgiving turkeys.

Dog Blog Challenge – Day26: Choppy in the Car – Choppy highly enjoys the car. This is a good thing, considering how much time she spends in there.

Dog Blog Challenge – Day 27: Choppy Gives Thanks – Choppy has much to be thankful for.

Week in Review – November 28 – Choppy’s week in pictures – snow definitely included.

Dog Blog Challenge – Day 28: Where Choppy Has Traveled – Choppy is quite the traveler!

Chopped: Home Edition – I attempt a challenge based on the TV show Chopped. Things go…interestingly.

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