One more post on the swamp. This is a video I took while driving the Loop Road through Big Cypress National Preserve. A few things to know before viewing this video:

  1. I did not even think about getting out of the car and therefore this whole thing was shot from inside my car.
  2. I was under the impression that alligators had to open their mouths to hiss. This impression was proven false on the drive, as you will see. Repeatedly.
  3. Choppy hates alligators. She would not survive in the swamp because of this desire to attack them (well, that, and because she’s a spoiled house dog who is now insisting that I turn her food dish when she is about halfway through because, apparently, she prefers to eat her food from one side of the dish and not the other. The worst part about this? I actually indulge her and turn the food dish around when she is halfway done so that it is easier for her to eat the rest of the food. Point being not that I am encouraging this behavior by indulging it (which is also true), but that Choppy may be a big dog, but she’s still a sissy with no survival skills).
  4. I have never, ever seen so many alligators in one place. This includes the two Dirty Jobs episodes where they were at the alligator farm.

Cougar CrossingNo cougars were seen in the making of this video.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Choppy and I venture into the swamp: