E is for the Everglades.

OK, maybe not the Everglades, but next to them – Big Cypress National Preserve (though, for my previous discussion of whether Big Cypress is part of the Everglades, here’s an old post that only somewhat clarifies the issue. By “somewhat” I mean not at all).

If you haven’t been to the Everglades, I highly recommend a trip. You are pretty much guaranteed to see alligators, along with huge numbers of birds and other creatures. I would go back in a heartbeat – just today I was telling Paul how much I would like to take the road to Flamingo.

Choppy, though, was maybe not the biggest fan of the Everglades. First, because I kept seeing alligators everywhere, I was terrified about letting her out of the car, even with a leash on. As a consequence, she hardly got to get out of the car. Second, it turns out that Choppy is not the biggest fan of alligators.

As in, she thinks she can take them on.

Yeah, that would probably not end well for Choppy.

While we were there, I took lots of video, in which you can see plenty of wildlife, along with Choppy’s less-than-ideal response to the alligators outside of the car (it’s a long video, but pretty awesome. If you like seeing alligators, at least):

In case you want to hear more about the trip (like seeing dead alligators by the side of the road and Choppy getting carsick (hmm…not maybe the best way to sell you on looking at these old posts)), here are the links to the three blog posts I did at the time we visited the Everglades originally:

Adventures in a Giant Florida Swamp – Part I

Adventures in a Giant Florida Swamp – Part II

Adventures in a Giant Florida Swamp – Part III

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