Many, many miles ago, Choppy paraded in a Mardi Gras parade during our first stop on the trip. I think I mentioned on the Facebook page that there was video, and then promptly failed to actually post any video of the parade.

There are a couple reasons for this. As it turns out, (a) I am horrible at taking movies, and (b) I am (if possible) even worse at combining several videos into one coherent, watchable(-ish) video for the Internet.

However, this morning, I sat down and actually put together the videos and made something that is…not great. However, it is (a) a coherent, watchable(-ish) video that is on the Internet, and (b) attempts to make up for the horrible camera-work by including captions that both explain what is going on and (hopefully) entertain.

(Mostly, though, I am impressed by my ability to edit and add captions to a video. Watch, next time around, there will be music (it will be Jimmy Buffett or country. You’ve been warned)).

Without further ado, here is the video of Choppy at Barkus (and it sometimes actually includes video of Choppy!):