On Sunday, my niece, Addie, is being baptized in Wisconsin. And so, after two days in Terre Haute, Choppy and I got back in the (unpacked and blissfully full-of-space) car, and headed up to my parents’ house for a few days.

While this is a great chance for me to see family and celebrate, if you are Choppy, only one thing about the weekend matters: getting to see Izzy, my brother and sister-in-law’s dog (generally referred to around here as her cousin). Since (almost) the first moment they met, the two have been best dog buddies and partners in crime, tending to get in much more trouble together than either of them get into on their own (namely of the “running away from home” sort).

Personally, I view having two dogs as a chance to play dress up with two dogs, which is, obviously, twice as much fun as dressing up one dog. This morning, dress up meant breaking out some dog slippers. Hilarity, as expected, ensued. OK, maybe not hilarity, but definitely something more amusing than just dogs, or just slippers, would be on their own. This being me, pictures and video were most definitely taken.

Choppy and Izzy in BootiesChoppy and Izzy wearing their slippers. As you can see, Choppy (the expert slipper-wearer) realizes the best way to keep from being laughed at is just not to move. Izzy…not so much. See the video below (and, in particular, enjoy when I yell Choppy’s favorite word that normally sends her running and she doesn’t even so much as lift her head (hint: it’s “squirrel” – in case it wasn’t obvious when the random word is yelled out)):