If anyone is interested, I’ve posted a new blog post over at the 101 Travel Bits website: 5 Travel Tips for the Florida Keys. A quick excerpt:

Are you planning a trip to the Florida Keys? Here are five travel tips to help make your trip to the Florida Keys a trip you will never forget!

Get Closer to the Water

If you’re traveling the 113 miles of the Overseas Highway between the mainland and Key West, you’ll be traveling over 42 bridges. A full 15% of the drive is spent on bridges. If you’re in the Keys, you shouldn’t just look at the water as you cross bridges, though, you should find a way to get closer to it! Take a dip at one of the beaches. Snorkel or scuba dive the Florida Reef, which is the third largest coral barrier reef in the world. Take a spin on a jet ski or book a fishing excursion on Islamorada, the Sportfishing Capital of the World. A visit to the Florida Keys isn’t complete unless you find a way to experience its blue waters up close and personal!

Read the whole thing here.

I’ll periodically be posting over at the 101 Travel Bits blog; when I do, I’ll be sure to put a note here (so you don’t have to follow two blogs). As you can see from this excerpt, the posts over there will be more promotional for the 101 Travel Bits books than posts are here, but as this blog does have some travel stuff (or at least purports to), I figure it will be of interest to some of you. And if it isn’t, you never have to click over there! It’s a win-win for everyone.

Also, this is a good reminder that if you haven’t purchased any of the books, you can click on the links below to purchase them.

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And, because I love it, here’s a picture of Choppy with Betsey the Lobster in the Florida Keys.