Tonight, a post devoted to some of the other cats we saw over the holidays.



Clockwise from the top left are:

Peaches: Peaches is my parents’ cat. She is feral, though as she now seems to mostly live in the house, I guess I should say she was feral. Today, you would never know this is a cat who just started showing up at their house and once refused to let us pet her.

Rudy: Rudy is one of my mother-in-law’s cats. He loves to play in the sink with the water on. The most amazing part of this is not that he is a cat who loves water, but that with his rather large size he is even able to jump up onto the sink in the first place.

Sparky: Sparky is my mother-in-law’s other cat. He loves the sun and watching the birds at the feeders and in the yard.