Hi everyone! A quick note on things around the blog for the next couple weeks.

I’m headed off to northern Canada next week, where I won’t have any access to a phone, let alone the Internet (let’s just say, we drive to the end of the road, and because that’s not far enough off of the beaten track, we then hop in a float plane and leave civilization that much farther behind).

Paul, Choppy and Schooner are holding down the home fort while I am gone, but I’m not going to make any of them keep up with the blog. I mean, if you you thought there were a lot of posts about bacon now, just wait until those three took over.

So what does that mean for things around here?

First and foremost, there will continue to be daily posts – I’ve scheduled them out for the whole time I’m gone. I think you’ll all enjoy them – I’m not saying there’s an extra “Where’s Choppy” post coming up over the next two weeks, but I’m not saying there isn’t, either.

That said, keeping up with the comments around here is a big job. I feel bad when I get behind or don’t answer comments that everyone took the time to leave. So, while I am away, I’m turning off the comments on most of the blog posts so I won’t miss any of them (they were already off on the Howlidays post this morning). I’ll keep them on for the “Where’s Choppy” posts – I know a lot of you use the comments to help find her – but otherwise, they’ll be off for a couple of weeks. And I won’t be around to answer any comments left on those, so you’re all on your own to play nice.

I’ll be around a little the next day or two catching up on things (because I’m still behind from last week), so don’t be surprised if you hear from me over the weekend. Otherwise, I hope everyone has a great next couple weeks – I’ll miss you guys!

When Sarah’s away, Choppy and the boys will play.