So…I had some issues Sunday night at the local Taco Bell/KFC franchise.

It all started off innocently enough. Paul and I had just returned from a trip to Indiana. After unpacking and four hours of driving, fast food seemed like a good option. So, off I went to the local Taco Bell/KFC while Paul finished cleaning up our tailgating items.

I arrived to see a drive thru line snaking out past the drive thru speaker. As I spent 21 minutes last week waiting in the drive thru line for the always delicious Taco Bell at this particular location, I decided I should probably go inside to procure our KFC for Sunday night, because clearly this is a franchise that has some issues with their drive thru.

I thought this was a good decision at the time.

In retrospect, perhaps the fact that I waited 21 minutes to get drive thru Taco Bell last week should have suggested to me that the entire place has some issues.

Order placed, and with no comment on any particular timing issues for food from the cashier, I took a seat to wait an expected few minutes to obtain my finger-lickin’ good supper.

Order placed: 7:19 PM.

Let’s turn to Twitter to see how things worked out for me…

Note: this is when I should have cut my losses and headed for McDonald’s. I didn’t. That’s seven years of higher education at work right there!

Bored, I procured some Taco Bell packets and tweeted those out.

Then things got bad for one of my fellow adventurers in this quest to obtain Taco Bell and KFC.

Note: According to the KFC website, the Doublicious is most definitely still available as a menu item. Methinks the kitchen staff just didn’t want to make one for this fellow. Meanwhile, in sauce packets…

And then, hope!


And then I ran out of sauce packets for which I could think of amusing things to say.

Unsurprisingly, hour one came and went.

Do you want mac & cheese? Too bad, so sad.

But wait, the food woes are not over!

Considering this Taco Bell once told us they were out of ground beef, this should not have been surprising. And yet, it was.

The waiting continues…

Patience is a virtue! That said, I was pretty sure this guy took his life into his own hands when he made this move.

And then…80 minutes later…SUCCESS!

Well, sort of.

A Twitter postscript: