Hi everyone! It is not often that I reblog something around here, but I wanted to send this out to you – Leah is one of my two very awesome sisters-in-law, and she has a novel coming out in September. I’m reblogging this because you can win your very own copy of it now, and read it before it comes out!

And, while you’re at her blog, you should really check out the rest of her posts, as they are thoughtful and funny and teary (often all at the same time).

One Vignette

Soooooo. I have a book coming out. Most of you who’ve been with One Vignette from the beginning know this already–you’ve actually followed my journey from the time I got brave enough to tell you about it to now. Thank you, thank you for that. And I happen to have a couple of advanced reading copies of said book (it’s called All the Difference in case you’re just tuning in, and will be officially published into the Great North America by Berkley Books on September 1st. See also: AAAAAAAHHHH!). These advanced copies, or ARCs, are just hanging out right now in my office/artwork-dumping-ground, wishing for a home. I’m giving most away on Goodreads this month (go check it out if you’d like!), but I saved one for you. Do you want it? It’s not the pretty version, but it’s the earliest version, which is kind of fun.

6.25.15. ARC Giveaway. first page

All you have to do…

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