Happy Valentine’s Day! There should be a fun picture of Choppy later (if I get my act together)!

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 Picture Time: Swim at Your Own Risk – I do not recommend going in the water this time of year in Northern Wisconsin.

 Choppy by Letter: K is for Key West – As if I was going to pass up the chance to do Key West for the letter ‘K’.

Treat Day Tuesday: Honey Cinnamon Dog Biscuits – Choppy loves these. She is still excited several days later whenever I pull them out.

 Throwback Thursday: Mardi Gras Time! – Next week is one of my favorite holidays: Mardi Gras!

Week in Review: February 13 – The weekly picture post for Choppy (nothing scary, despite the day).

Choppy’s Facebook Page

Choppy’s Facebook page is here – with an updated cover photo this week (which just happens to be the most popular picture of Choppy ever – I still see it randomly on the Internet).

Happy Umbrella Day!

Umbrella ella ella

Streaming Choppy

Happy Birthday, Abe!

Abraham Choppy

National Weddings Month

Travels with Choppy Twitter Feed

The Travels with Choppy Twitter Feed is here. I’m not going to lie – it’s pretty much a rehash of what you get on the blog and Facebook. With random sports and dog retweets thrown in.

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