Yesterday, after spending a couple weeks together, Choppy and I took her dog cousin and best friend, Izzy, back to my brother and sister-in-law’s house. They had lots of fun together, but it wasn’t all licks and butt sniffs. Choppy had certain things she didn’t enjoy about the visit. Here are a four of those reasons, illustrated with pictures.

1. Your toys seem to get destroyed very, very quickly.

More Effective Toy Destruction

2. You have to eat fast, or you don’t eat at all.

Eat Fast or Lose Food

3. Having an extra dog gives your owner twice as many reasons to dress you up in clothing.

Forced to Dress Up

4. You not only lose your toys, but you lose your favorite spot to sleep.

Loss of a Favorite Sleeping Spot

But even though you may not always get along, it’s always good to have your best friend around.