After the unexpectedly good trip to the Grand Canyon, the next stop on the trip is a stop that I have been looking forward to since we got on the road: Las Vegas.

Traveling with Choppy entails a few more difficulties than just traveling alone (or with other people). One of the major difficulties is coming up with a hotel room when we aren’t camping, as the vast majority of hotels do not allow dogs. And even when you find hotels that allow dogs, there are often a lot of restrictions as to their sizes. Lots of places will only allow dogs under 25 pounds, and others place a 50 pound limit on the dogs allowed at the hotel.

It turns out, Las Vegas is one of those places where coming up with a dog-friendly hotel room – especially one for a larger dog, like Choppy – is not easy. Factor into this my birthday, a desire to be near the Strip so I could take cheap rides to and from the hotel, and a hotel that allows you to leave the dog in the room so that I could actually go out for my birthday, and the list of hotel rooms that fit all my criteria is narrowed to zero.

In related news, if anyone asks, Choppy weighs 50 pounds. Please ignore any contrary information found on this site. Or any scale that doesn’t knock 20 pounds off of whatever it is weighing. It could also be a function of Choppy being nearly 30 in dog years; she is starting to lop pounds off of her weight.

Choppy's KennelThe hotel required dogs left in the room to be in a kennel. I had to rent one, as Choppy began refusing to go in her own kennel when she was a few months old, and I passed her kennel on to my friends Kaylan and Travis for their dog. I’ll let you guess as to whether I even attempted to get her into this thing.

Despite Choppy having reached the age where she starts chopping pounds off of her weight (watch, soon she’ll be knocking years off of her age as well), the hotel was quite nice for having a dog, with little hang tags for the doors to tell the hotel when the dog was in the room, and free dog snacks and bowls upon check-in.

Comfy ChoppyChoppy immediately made herself at home at the hotel. In related news, someone is going to be shocked when we are home in a week and she has to go back to sleeping on a blanket on the floor.

All in all, the trip to Vegas was quite fun – a great place to spend my birthday weekend. A few more pictures for you, which show that not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; some of it gets posted on the internet.

Choppy in ParisChoppy visits Paris. Except with more tourists drinking giant margaritas out of plastic things than I remember seeing in France.

Choppy at the BellagioThanks to high winds, Choppy did not get to see the fountains at Bellagio. She did, however, get to bark at three versions of people dressed as Optimus Prime, so it’s probably a wash.

Happy B-Day to MeAnd here I am, in all my newly 34-year old glory, celebrating my birthday with some free sorbet and some very un-free champagne. Vegas treated me well, as always. Until we meet again, Vegas.