Back in college, I used to go to multiple concerts a week. While my peers were hanging out at fraternity parties and bars, I would be headed to see some band down in the city (I went to Northwestern as an undergraduate; the undergrad campus is in Evanston, the first suburb north of Chicago, and a quick and easy el ride into the city).

When I left college, the concert-going tapered off, and it is to the point where I now go to maybe one or two concerts a year.

Relatedly, my college self thinks my 33 year old self is lame.

The lameness is enhanced because nearly all of these concerts are for one artist: Jimmy Buffett.

If you haven’t been to a Buffett show, it’s…something. The parking lot is basically full of adults drinking to excess while wearing costumes or tropical clothing, most of whom are taking a day off of work for the sole purpose of doing this. The concert itself is guaranteed to involve certain songs, then you get a surprise set of other songs – when the artist is sixty-something years old, there’s quite a set of songs to choose from

Fat Hula Girl ManThis fellow? Pretty typical for a Buffett show.

This concert, I brought Choppy – she sometimes goes tailgating at Notre Dame games, so I know she can handle at least some level of tailgating (though that’s a whole different sort of tailgating than Buffett). Thinking ahead, I even brought a costume for her.

imageChoppy, looking unhappy. Though whether it was from the outfit, the constant attention from passers-by wanting to take pictures with or of her, or just having to sit in a parking lot dealing with drunk people, I will never know. Though I would guess it is a combination of all three.

All in all, the show was great. However, when I got home, I discovered that I had cracked the screen on my iPad. How this happened, I have no idea. Unsurprisingly, I’m guessing alcohol played a role. Both in the cracking of the screen and the having no idea how it happened.