This year has been…well, you’ve all been here. Or, more to the point, wherever you are and not many other places.  Nothing is going on, and yet, so much is going on. That’s the same way here.

Paul’s mom recently died from brain cancer. You’ve seen plenty of pictures of her cats, Sparky and Rudy, over the years. When you see us in Carlisle, Pennsylvania for the walking, we were at her house (speaking of, I am two weeks behind in Dog Walk Challenge posts, but rest assured I am still walking every day). A week ago Saturday, we packed up our car in Carlisle, loaded up a big kennel, and brought these two rascals back to Wisconsin.

These two haven’t quite figured out the whole “looking at the camera” thing yet.

Yes, that is right. We are now a home with three cats.

Also, for the record, I do NOT recommend a 12+ hour drive with two cats. At least they mostly stopped meowing after the first two hours.

There have been some growing pains, but it turns out that Sparky may be 16 years old, mostly deaf, and declawed, but he has no trouble showing that youngster Schooner who is boss. Schooner is 11 years younger and has 8 pounds and a lot of size on Sparky, but he is deferring to Sparky most of the time (and clearly hasn’t figured out the whole “I have claws and he doesn’t” thing).

Schooner, wondering what he did to deserve all these changes in his life.

That said, everyone seems to be getting along well enough. Poor Rudy was terrified when he first got here, but he is getting braver and has no idea that the braver he gets, the closer he is to going on a diet. Please don’t tell him.

But…that doesn’t seem to be enough excitement around here for us. We need to liven things up a bit. So on Saturday, this little foster dude is coming home, too.

So small! So cute! So innocent and unknowing about the wardrobe that awaits him here!

More details to come once he gets home! (And no, we don’t have a name picked out yet – discussions on that front continue.)