The picture this week? That’s from this (very foggy) Wednesday. Choppy may mostly be confined to her stroller on our walks, but when I do let her out, she takes full advantage of it – even letting me get in a “Where’s Choppy” shot!

As for Choppy, she is doing good! She had her bloodwork and x-rays on Thursday, so now the surgeon just needs to review them and get her scheduled (hopefully sooner rather than later). For now, I’m just going to pretend that all the hopping Choppy is doing is just her taking a cue from the Easter bunny and getting in the holiday spirit.


The weekly instructions and warning:

Choppy is somewhere in the photo below. Iโ€™ll post an answer on Monday so you can see if you are correct in your guess as to her location. In the meantime, if you donโ€™t want to know where she is, do not go look at the comments. They are full of answers. And poor guesses. But mostly answers. The people who comment here are excellent at this game.