See the picture on the post? That’s not from this week because Choppy has since had an accident and, well, read on to learn more (don’t worry, she’s alive – this isn’t that kind of story).

On Monday, Choppy and I got home from our morning walk. There were some bunnies in our yard and, as usual when there are bunnies in the yard, Choppy went chasing after them. After giving chase to her second bunny, she came limping toward me and just sort of collapsed on the grass. She got back up, but something was clearly wrong with one of her back legs. When it didn’t get better within a couple hours, I called the vet, and he got us in right away.

Turns out? Choppy messed up her knee ligaments so badly in her one knee that her own vet needed to talk everything over with an orthopedic surgeon to figure out what exactly she did and to figure out a plan for her. Apparently, whatever she did, it normally happens to younger dogs (I’m going to take that as a compliment about Choppy’s relative health at 11 years old). We are getting her scheduled for radiographs and bloodwork shortly, but until Choppy has surgery, she’ll be taking “walks” in her brand new stroller and hopping around the house. I think she is sort of enjoying the part where she gets carried up and down the stairs. The part where the cat finally gets to make fun of her for having a stroller, just like his? That’s probably not as much fun.

Anyway, she is doing as well as can be expected right now (which, in her mind, is probably not well at all because I’ve already put her on less food so she doesn’t gain weight while she can’t run around). We’ll still be walking (/riding), and I’ll keep everyone updated as things move along. Hopefully, we’ll get her in for surgery soon and she’ll be good as new by mid-summer. Until then? Lots of lounging around the house, just like the rest of us here.



(Picture taken March 21, 2020)


The Walks:

Day 330/1,426 (March 25 – Home) – Total Mileage: 3.4 Miles (2 Walks)
Day 331/1,427 (March 26 – Home) – Total Mileage: 4.1 Miles (2 Walks)
Day 332/1,428 (March 27 – Home) – Total Mileage: 3.4Miles (2 Walks)
Day 333/1,429 (March 28 – Home) – Total Mileage: 2.5 Miles (1 Walk)
Day 334/1,430 (March 29 – Home) – Total Mileage: 2.3 Miles (1 Walk)
Day 335/1,431 (March 30 – Home) – Total Mileage: 2.1 Miles (1 Walk)
Day 336/1,432 (March 31 – Home) – Total Mileage: 2.1 Miles (1 Walk)

The Walk Stats:

Weekly Mileage Total: 19.9 Miles (Average: 2.8 Miles/Day)
Year 4 Mileage Total: 832.6 Miles  (Average: 2.4 Miles/Day)

The Writing:

Day 252/616 (March 26) – Daily Words: 665
Day 253/617 (March 27) – Daily Words: 734
Day 254/618 (March 28) – Daily Words: 749
Day 255/619 (March 29) – Daily Words: 770
Day 256/620 (March 30) – Daily Words: 1,018
Day 257/621 (March 31) – Daily Words: 804
Day 258/622 (April 1) – Daily Words: 1,172

Total Words (Year 2): 168,936 Words