About two weeks ago, Choppy had somewhat elective surgery – she had an adenoma (a harmless growth) on her back leg/rear end that she had for a while, but it had started to bother her and it seemed uncomfortable. So, we scheduled surgery and she had it taken off. All is well now – the staples and stitches came out Tuesday (more on why she had both below). And everyone is happy that she will no longer have to wear the cone!


A groggy and not-too-steady-on-her-feet Choppy post-surgery and back at home.


For one of the only times in her life, Choppy was not hungry after surgery. Schooner took full advantage of her only eating a little bit of supper.

Schooner: fascinated by the cone. Choppy: not thrilled with Schooner’s fascination.

The cone was…not fun for anyone, so I tried to let Choppy have time outside of it. My lack of vigilance with her wanting to tear them out or Choppy jumping over two rock walls to chase a groundhog when she wasn’t supposed to be engaging in vigorous activity led to her losing some stitches, so it was back to the vet for us, where they re-stitched and, for good measure, stapled her up.

After that, Choppy had to wear the cone a lot more. On the upside, we had no more lost stitches. On the downside, she locked herself in the bathroom while we were out of the house. Twice.

Now, she is back home, free of the stitches and staples (and hopefully not locking herself in any bathrooms any time soon again).