March is over, and I continue to work on my 18 for ’18 list – nothing too exciting this month, though.

List Item Number 1: Bake Cookies Once a Month

This month, I made haystacks – these are basically chow mein noodles covered in melted chips. I tried chocolate and butterscotch. I definitely recommend the latter – even though I love chocolate.



List Item Number Five: Send Birthday Cards

More cards went out in March – this is really just a list item I will be plugging away at all year.

List Item Number 12: Go Out to Lunch with Paul Once Per Month

We really cut it close on this one – Paul and I went out to lunch on March 28. For the first time this year, we didn’t go for tacos for the first time this year.

In related news, expect that we will be going for tacos in April.

List Item Number 14: Take a Class

On March 4, I finished a course titled, “Writing Great Fiction.” It was great – and helpful in one of my other ongoing projects, which is finishing up a novel. I’m working on major edits, but one of my (non-18 for ’18) goals this year is to self-publish it. Right now, I think a summer release is doable. This is definitely something you’ll be hearing more about in the coming months.

List Item Number 15: Eat at 6 New-To-Me Restaurants

And, in the long-ago crossed off category of new-to-me restaurants, I went to four more new restaurants in March. I seriously underestimated how many new restaurants I typically go to in a year.

The Verdict

We continue to plug away at the list. I’m hoping we’ll have some warmer weather by the end of April so I can start crossing off some of the outdoor items on the list.