Two months into my 18 for ’18 list and things continue to go well. Here’s an update on what I did this month.

List Item Number 1: Bake Cookies Once a Month

This month, I modified a recipe for Chocolate Kisses (the original is from this Williams-Sonoma cookbook). Another big hit – I think my mom wants me to bring them over again next time I see her!


Next month, I will take a proper picture of the cookies I make.


For my birthday, one of the gifts Paul bought me was The Perfect Cookie, an America’s Test Kitchen cookbook. I’m so excited to try out a ton of the recipes in there.

List Item Number Five: Send Birthday Cards

I don’t have a long list of people to send birthday cards, but I did start doing it in February – there are a couple people coming up in March, so I’ll keep tallying up numbers on this one as the year goes along.

List Item Number Eleven: Get a Painting of Choppy

Paul is responsible for crossing this one off of my list – for my birthday, he got a picture of Choppy blown up. I’m pretty sure you’ll all recognize this one from a Howlidays post just a few weeks ago.


Now, to get it on the wall so I can cross Number Eight off of the list.

List Item Number Twelve: Go Out to Lunch with Paul Once Per Month

We saved this one until the end of the month – February 27. And we went to the same place we went in January, Bel-Air Cantina. Paul loves tacos, and I love not having to leave my office building for lunch, so it works out great for a lunch spot.

List Item Number Fifteen: Eat at 6 New-to-Me Restaurants

I officially crossed off Number Fifteen on February 8. It turns out, I eat at lots of new restaurants – far more than I thought (I mean, we eat every weeknight meal at home, so it’s not like we eat out every night). Here are the six new restaurants I ate at this month (yes, I could have crossed this one off the list in February alone):


The Verdict

Things continue to go well – here’s the updated list:


On to March!

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