We seem to have passed the worst of the cold, but that doesn’t mean it’s that warm. So, for today’s “Where’s Choppy” post, how about a snow picture? (Some of you will enjoy that aspect of it a lot more than others.)

Also, just a reminder – this will be the last post with comments on until the “Where’s Choppy” post next week while I take a bit of a daily blogging break. The comments will be back on again for all posts on either February 12 or 13. Thanks for being understanding!


The weekly instructions and warning:

Choppy is somewhere in the photo below. We will post an answer on Monday so you can see if you are correct in your guess as to her location. In the meantime, if you don’t want to know where she is, do not go look at the comments. They are full of answers. And poor guesses. But mostly answers. The people who comment here are excellent at this game.