This story comes from a walk we took this past weekend. As you can see from the pictures, this particular walk goes by some nearby cows. They are usually curious about Choppy and come out to see us. Choppy gives them a wide berth, and they usually just ignore each other (though Choppy may give them a few half-hearted barks when they get close to us).

This last weekend, things with the cows did not go as normal.

Do you see the electric fence in this picture?


Choppy did not see it.

Or if she did see it, it did not register in her brain as something she should avoid. Thus, as the cows got closer to us, Choppy got closer to them (though she is not pictured in the next shots).


And then, out of the blue, Choppy yelped and came running back to me, looking to get away from the fence and cows of pain. It turns out, she had gotten zapped by the electric fence.

No worries, she was fine. Unless, of course, you consider that Choppy now thinks cows can shoot electricity at her. That’s probably less than fine.