Way back in spring, Susan at Our French Oasis and I were commenting to each other about how wonderful our bulbs looked as spring made its early attempts to fight off winter. There is something renewing in seeing those flowers you planted months ago come up in spring. They show up before the trees have leaves, as the grass is greening up, and even before all the birds have returned from their winter homes down south, giving everyone hope that winter has finally loosened its grip on us.

Despite how much I love them and want as many as possible, every spring, I see my gardens and wish I had more bulbs. The problem is, in the fall, I just don’t always have the motivation to plant those bulbs. I’m not thinking about how much I’m going to value those blooms in a few months, or how they will brighten those first warm days as our snow melts; I’m just thinking about all the other things I have to do now that seem to take priority over something that seems so far in the future.

To help remedy this, many months ago as my daffodils were blooming, I told Susan I would do a post in the fall to remind us about how much we needed to fight that lack of motivation and get outside and plant bulbs.

I even took spring pictures of my gardens to show where I could use some bulbs.

Look at all that space between the tulips which could use some brightening up:


Two sad daffodils blooming. That’s just unacceptable:


So here’s that reminder for Susan and the rest of you who (like me) may be making excuses not to plant those bulbs now: take a couple hours this fall and plant some bulbs. Come spring, you won’t regret a single minute you spent out there.

Allium, hyacinths, daffodils, and all sorts of other goodies, ready to brighten up our spring.