Early last week, Choppy and I were on our normal morning walk. It’s very dark outside for the start of these walks now, with the only light coming from the moon, street lamps, and any passing cars. As we were walking up the street, Choppy spied something underneath one of our neighbor’s cars – it was clearly an animal, but I didn’t know what kind because I can’t see it in the dark. I was thinking possum or raccoon. So I’m chasing Choppy around the car while Choppy chases whatever it is which is underneath the car, trying to use the flashlight on my phone to get a glimpse of whatever it was that caught Choppy’s attention. Eventually, I see what it is: a kitten. Not so small that it would still be with its mother, but not much bigger than that. I made a grab for it (because apparently living with Schooner has taught me nothing about being attacked by cats), which gave it a chance to make a break for some nearby bushes.

The next morning, Choppy and I are back out for our walk. About two houses past where we had seen the kitten the previous day, Choppy sees another animal. Immediately, I think it’s the kitten again. When I see the little creature, I see it’s much smaller than a kitten – it’s a mouse, which relieves me. That poor kitten was traumatized enough being chased around by Choppy and me the previous day. Choppy happily chases the little mouse around, trying to catch it, while I watch.

Until the mouse decides its best escape route is right up my leg.

Now, I’m dancing around trying to get the mouse off of my leg. It quickly lets go, but it doesn’t go far once it is back on the ground, so I’m jumping and yelping and waking up everyone on the block at 5:40 AM as I try to dodge being climbed up a second time. Choppy thinks this is all great fun and is running around and trying to catch the mouse and likely hoping we can do it all again the next day.

Thankfully, the mouse finally ran off (probably because it was going deaf from my shrieking), I dragged Choppy away, and there were no further wildlife incidents last week. But I’m still going to keep a wary eye open for mice.



From Day 533 – enjoying a beautiful day for a walk by getting almost five miles in before breakfast.


The Walks:

Day 527 (October 8 – Home) – Total Mileage: 4.1 Miles (2 Walks)
Day 528 (October 9 – Home) – Total Mileage: 3.4 Miles (2 Walks)
Day 529 (October 10 – Home) – Total Mileage: 2.1 Miles (1 Walk)
Day 530 (October 11 – Home) – Total Mileage: 4.3 Miles (2 Walks)
Day 531 (October 12 – Home) – Total Mileage: 2,1 Miles (1 Walk)
Day 532 (October 13 – Home) – Total Mileage: 2.1 Miles (1 Walk)
Day 533 (October 14 – Home) – Total Mileage: 4.9 Miles (1 Walk)

The Stats:

Weekly Mileage Total: 23 Miles (Average: 3.3 Miles/Day)
Year 2 Mileage Total: 469.8 Miles  (Average: 2.8 Miles/Day)