Monday, I came home from work and took a look outside at my bird feeders. Sitting near the squirrel feeder – the one they’re supposed to eat from, as opposed to the feeders meant for birds, most of which they also eat from – was one very unattractive squirrel. His face was decidedly odd looking for a squirrel, and he was even fatter than most of the well-fed squirrels who frequent our feeders.

I looked again, and I saw it wasn’t a squirrel at the squirrel feeder.

It was . . . this guy. Woodchuck. Groundhog. Whistlepig.

Don’t mind me, I’m just getting a quick snack.

Apparently, having found the food on offering to be of his liking, we had a return visitor on Tuesday. Some creatures around the house were quite interested in our new furry friend.

The squirrel appreciates the distraction so he can go after the sunflower seed feeder in peace.