I think most people found Choppy on Friday – so hopefully we’ll have lots of happy people this morning!

A few blog programming notes:

  • This is the first week of Year 2 of the Dog Walk Challenge. I’m going to switch over to doing weekly posts for that, so don’t worry when you don’t see a post on it today or any days this week – the plan is to do the posts on Tuesdays, with the actual weekly walks running from Saturday to Saturday. That will put the first of the new Dog Walk Challenge posts on May 9 (next Tuesday). We’ll be walking away in the meantime!
  • We’ll still have the daily Howlidays posts, and I’m going to work to have at least two posts up every weekday – until I get my act together on some new ideas, these will be things you’re used to seeing, like the “Where’s Choppy” and “Midnight Mutts” post. Weekend posts will probably go down to the single Howlidays post each day, at least for the time being. I’ve got plenty of ideas of new posts, so I’m hoping that situation won’t last forever.