As I wrote down my notes for Day 333 of the Dog Blog Challenge (I have notebooks where I keep track of the walks – they’ve become something of a very, very boring diary for me), I realized that we’ll soon be 30 days from getting to a full year of daily, mile-long walks. Originally, this was a 30 day challenge, and I worried we wouldn’t even be able to make it that long. Now, here we are, about to re-complete that 30 day challenge to make it to a full year!

Date: March 28, 2017
Location: Home
Length: 1.3 Miles
Who: Sarah & Choppy

Done with the photo shoot and ready to get back to the walk!

Also, a quick video for one reason only – watch the bottom of the picture window in the back, beyond Schooner’s cat tree. Do you see two little duck heads bobbing up and down? It appears Schooner had quite the Cat Movie today!