As a thank you to everyone who has purchased (or purchases) one or both of the books – either e-book or paperback – I wanted to do something special. After thinking about it for a little bit, I realized the best thing I could do would be to combine the books with the real stars of the blog, Choppy and Schooner.

Thus, until next Wednesday (March 15), if you purchase a copy of one or both of the books, you can get a personalized picture from Choppy & Schooner! Imagine something like this picture, but instead of “Mom and Dad” you can have whatever name you want in there!


To get your very own personalized picture, just send the following items to me at our email (

  1. Proof of purchase – Basically, anything that shows you purchased the book – a screenshot of the thank you screen from Amazon, a receipt, a picture of you holding the book or a copy of it on your e-reader, etc. I just need more than a statement you bought it. I trust you, it’s everyone else we have to worry about.
  2. Who you want the picture made out to – I know a lot of people around here go by nicknames/pseudonyms, so I am happy to use that if you tell me to. But if you want to have a picture with another name, let me know. I’ll even take requests – you could get a picture for a friend, if you don’t want one for yourself.

Please do NOT leave a request in the comments – if I get behind in the comments as sometimes happens, I might not see it and that would be bad! Emails only!

I’m going to try to get all these done by March 17 (hence the March 15 deadline), but I make no guarantees, particularly if this proves popular.

Also, the message you get may or may not be the one above – I have several fun ideas, so you may well get a surprise message – that’s half the fun!