Hi Everyone! We have been in New Orleans for Mardi Gras for a few days, hence the lack of comment responses and Dog Walk Challenge updates. But no worries – the walks continued, with the added bonus of being in a warm location for them.

This week should be fun and exciting – we have our normal posts, plus (if I can get my act together today and tomorrow), a big announcement! In the meantime, I hope to get caught up on comments and visiting your blogs to catch up with you over the next couple days. Happy Monday, and happy start to a new week!

Day 300:

Date: February 23, 2017
Location:Β Kenner, Louisiana
Length: 1.6 Miles
Who: Sarah

Day 301:

Date: February 24, 2017
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Length: 2.0 Miles
Who: Sarah & Paul

Day 302:

Date: February 25, 2017
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Length: 1.3 Miles
Who: Sarah & Paul

Day 303:

Date: February 26, 2017
Location: Kenner, Louisiana
Length: 1.1 Miles
Who: Sarah

Not everyone got to have a fun trip to Mardi Gras. Some were stuck being spied upon by the camera.