Thanks to some icy streets, like Day 256, I decided to do another short walk for Day 257 (we have to walk in the streets for much of our walk, which is not good if it is slick out – even though we walk before most people are awake, there are still some other hardy souls who are up and about at an early hour). FYI, I’ve already done the Day 257 walk and it was icy as well. So even though it is somewhat warm, we are mostly stuck inside.

Date: January 11, 2017
Location: Home
Length: 1.4 Miles
Temperature: 20° F (-6.6° C), feels like 14° (-10°) (at least, that’s what it was like while we were still outside)
Who: Sarah & Choppy

And now, a promised video from our Howlidays photo session yesterday. I think Schooner was trying to paw at Choppy, but I have no idea. Cats don’t make sense.