Late posts today (which I’m sure is obvious if you’re regularly here). We went to a wedding last night, got a late start this morning, and then spent the afternoon at an RV show. There will be a Howlidays post up later tonight as well!

Date: January 7, 2017
Location: Home
Length: 2.2 Miles
Temperature: 0° F (-17.7° C), feels like -10° (-23.3°) – another .2 miles outside, then the rest indoors where no one will get frostbite
Who: Sarah & Choppy

At our hotel – Choppy is a VIPooch! We stayed at the Iron Horse, which is a beautiful hotel if you ever need somewhere to stay in Milwaukee. Bonus: they are super dog friendly! (Also, whoever named their dog Bruce Wayne is awesome.)
On a short walk, braving the cold Milwaukee air (it was not the walk above – just a short one to get outside and use the dog facilities). The Hank Aaron State Trail runs through Milwaukee – a great place to bike or walk a dog if you ever find yourself in Milwaukee. 
Choppy with downtown Milwaukee in the background.
Our shadows and the Harley-Davidson Museum in the background.