The Choppy/Izzy/Schooner sleepover went well (note: we define ‘well’ as ‘everyone survived’). Schooner developed a very fluffy tail and did his best Halloween cat impression several times, then decided Izzy knew who was boss and went right up to her and rubbed against her. Izzy had no idea what to do with that, because clearly, if the catย starts rubbing up against you, it’s not something you’re going to expect.

And then Schooner went back into Halloween cat mode.

I have no idea what that was about.

Anyway, everyone survived and is in desperate need of a long nap, people included.

Date: January 2, 2017
Location: Home
Length: 1.3 Miles
Temperature: 28ยฐ F (-2.2ยฐ C)
Who: Sarah

Choppy – always ready for her closeup. Those other two? Not so much.

[Note: We’ll have a summary of the 2016 portion of the Dog Walk Challenge tomorrow – it got postponed thanks to the sleepover.]